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About the library

SDplayWAV was written by D. Cuartielles for an art project by the painter Josabet Werkmaster. It was running on a Smapler V0001r2 without any problems. The concept on how to solve the installation, that consisted in a series of paintings singing opera, came from Tony Olsson.

Smapler v0001r2 by BlushingBoy

(c) 2009 BlushingBoy, Smapler v0001r2, picture by Tony Olsson

Smapler v0001

The Smapler v0001 board was created by D. Cuartielles for the Arduino Advanced workshop (also called "Deep Cuts") that took place at 1scale1's studio at K3, the School of Arts and Communication, Malmo University, Sweden. On the picture you see one of the boards on the way to be mounted during that event.

(c) 2008 BlushingBoy, Smapler v0001, picture by Kieran Nolan

Those boards have the ability of reading data from SD cards, as well as read commands from PS2 devices like keyboards, mice, barcode readers, etc. The SDplayWAV library constructs upon the idea of playing sounds with fairly low quality, but when properly edited in the computer, still bring suitable solutions for many types of prototypes and installations.

Check the movie


Version 0001a from this library compiles perfectly on Arduino 0013 for boards Diecimila and later under Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has also been tested on Smapler v0001 boards with Arduino NG bootloaders.

It compiles for Arduino 0015, but the system will not recognize the files. Until I find time to fix it, please downgrade your Arduino version.

It should be possible to virtually mount any board making use of SD cards for reproducing this example. In this case, you can check the video above where an Arduino color board and a Libelium's microSD module play a sound file recorded previously.


This library was announced on Arduino's blog, and made it almost immediately to Make's blog:


You can buy the Smapler v0001r2 board from BlushingBoy's shop for open source projects.

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