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SDplayWAV Updates

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Oct 27, 2009
9 years 4 months Issue 11, card.open_filesys() fails
Creation of issue 11, by David Murciano
Feb 19, 2009
10 years 1 month Download 3, release 0001alpha of SDplayWAV, the library to play sound from SD cards
10 years 1 month cleaned up some left over files
Commit ed5064775eed, by
10 years 1 month added sound example
Commit 3eb49131ebba, by david@Gohan
10 years 1 month Added all the library contents
Commit 07c6bc6ef4fd, by david@Gohan
10 years 1 month commited automatically on creation
Commit e9e521c039d5, by blushnet

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