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The Arduino platform allows for the attachment of an almost endless collection of different sensors. Gathering data from the environment requires of external memory storage, since Arduino cannot provide with a large space where to place files.

The SDuFAT Arduino library allows operating with existing files in the card, but not the creation of new ones, nor deletion of any. The library has a footprint of 7KB, but it can be reduced by eliminating not needed functions.

As of version 0001alpha the library comes with an example on the use of it. The plan is to expand this to show situations where the SD card becomes a useful device.

This work has been commissioned by the Spanish company It has been designed to work with their microSD module board, but it can be used with any other design communicating to SD cards over the SPI port of an ATmega processor from ATMEL.

The microSD card is the small green board on the Arduino board. It can be connected to the pins 8 to 13 or just to the ICSP connector.

(c) 2008 microSD module for Arduino by

If you are interested in this product you should go to Libelium's online store. If you are in Scandinavia, feel free to contact BlushingBoy

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