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the motor shield was designed for the very specific purpose of a project I developed in the field of haptics where people were in the need of controlling DC motors with encoders. At the time, Arduino's IDE had no support yet for interrupts and therefore the code I generated was far too complex to be published. Now, 3 years and 2 laptops later, I have a hard time to find the results to that project.

However, here my 50cents.

(Ah ... of course I also designed the original Motor Shield for Arduino)

check here how the original shape I created in 2005 has been remade a couple of times and photographed by different people.

This is how the original board (v1.1) looks as photographed by one of the official Arduino distributors in Australia, "Little Bird Electronics":

Picture (c) 2007 by Little Bird Electronics

This is the original design of the motor shield v1 created for the Arduino Team:

Picture (cc) 2006 by Dave Mellis

This version of the board was made for Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul, Korea:

Picture (cc) 2007 by D. Cuartielles

I just found this one on flickr, looks good in red:

Picture (c) 2008 by loldrup

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