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motorShield_v3 Updates

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Mar 10, 2009
10 years 2 months Example-DC-motor, controlling speed and direction of a small DC motor
Feb 7, 2009
10 years 3 months Background, added to the featured category
Labels: Featured, -motor
10 years 3 months Background, updated information abou the Exy pins
10 years 3 months Download 1, Release of Motor Shield v3 for Arduino as manufactured by SmartProjects
Feb 5, 2009
10 years 3 months Background, Why the motorShield_v3 was made the way it is
10 years 3 months Added from D. Cuartielles SVN at sourceforge in the project called Kraken
Commit a390315aaa47, by
10 years 3 months commited automatically on creation
Commit a7c2814eb0d4, by blushnet

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