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The Smapler-v0001 is a standalone DIY Kit including an Atmel microcontroller and being 100% Arduino compatible. It includes an SD card reader and a connector for a PS2 device. With it you can build music instruments, data loggers or simply small computers with a keyboard and one LCD screen.


(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles -aka BlushingBoy-


As for February 2009 the Smapler-v0001 has two revisions. Version 1 was designed in just one night and was manufactured in a series of 20 for an Arduino advanced workshop by 1scale1 commanded by D. Cuartielles.

(c) 2008 Kieran Nolan, Smapler-v0001 first edition

R1 was only 48x100mm thanks to the use of a couple of SMD resistors. It had no LEDs but one for power and the connectors for the potentiometers were badly located. The board was made as a proof of concept that it was possible to conceptualize, design, and manufacture an electronic device in less than 24 hours. Therefore it wasn't perfect and had a small short circuit that could be fixed easily with a cutter.

on top of the world, Smapling it all

(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles, Smapler-v0001r2 Panora Edition

R2 came out February 2009 after being featured both on Arduino's blog and on Make magazine's blog. Because of the SDplayWAV library also published at Thanks to this press we ran out of all the R1 stock we had left. This brought up the chance to make the board more reliable and better looking.


Smapler-v0001r2 feature list goes as follows:

  • ATmega processor, compatible with any processor in DIP28 pin compatible with ATmega8
  • tested for ATmega8, ATmega168, and ATmega328
  • SD card reading function
  • PS2 keyboard, mouse, barcode reader... on board
  • sound amplifier with analog distortion, and simple bass-boost
  • 4 on board LEDS: power on, and 3 connected to pins with PWM functionality
  • a series of 6 GND-signal-5V connected to analog inputs on the microcontroller
  • I2C capable
  • 1 UART (serial port) available
  • programmable from Arduino's IDE as a Diecimila/2009 equivalent using a USB-serial converter
  • autoreset for programming
  • sound jack connector and mono sound output for an extra speaker

The board

An illustration of the board can be found here and all the cad drawings as well as partlist, PDFs, Gerber files, and code examples can be downloaded from our repository.


(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles, Smapler-v0001 Panora Edition r2

Code examples

If you want to play around with this board, it is strongly recommended to start with the SDplayWAV library, that allows you playing mono WAV sound files in 8 or 16 bits resolution and up to 22KHz sampling rate.

Buy it

So far the only licensed manufacturer and distributor of the Smapler-v0001 is, get it here.


The design is licensed under CC-SA-NC, this means, you are welcome to use the design for your own creations, modify it and share it under the same license. If you want to sell this design you should contact BlushingBoy and discuss a license fee.

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