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The Smapler-v0002 (Singapore Edition) is a DIY shield for Arduino compatible boards. It includes two operational amplifiers and a connector for a PS2 device. With it you can build music instruments or simple storage-less computers with a keyboard and one LCD screen.


(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles -aka BlushingBoy-


As for February 2009 the Smapler-v0002 has just one revision. Version 1 was designed during a trip to Singapore and was manufactured in a series of 200 in Korea. It has been used for teaching several workshops in generative sound at Samsung Art and Design Institute (Seoul), Nabi Art Centre (Seoul), K3 (Malmo), and Arteleku (San Sebastian) always by D. Cuartielles.

R1 is the size and shape of an Arduino board. It has no LEDs but one for power and a series of connectors for external analog and digital inputs. It maps all the analog inputs to an Arduino board as well as six of the digital ones. In case your programs on it hang, there is a reset button. The two on-board operational amplifiers are connected to a mini-jack where you can hook up your stereo headphones or connect to a mixer board.


(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles -aka BlushingBoy-


Smapler-v0002 feature list goes as follows:

  • Compatible with the Arduino boards: USB, NG, Diecimila, 2009 (Duemilanove)
  • tested for ATmega8, ATmega168, and ATmega328
  • Stereo sound generation via fast PWM
  • PS2 keyboard, mouse, barcode reader... on board
  • sound amplifier with analog distortion, and simple bass-boost
  • power LED on board
  • a series of 6 signal-GND-5V connected to analog inputs on the microcontroller
  • a series of 6 signal-GND-5V connected to digital inputs on the microcontroller- I2C capable
  • programmable from Arduino's IDE
  • sound jack connector and stereo sound output for an extra speaker

The board

An illustration of the board can be found here and all the cad drawings as well as partlist, PDFs, Gerber files, and code examples can be downloaded from our repository.


(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles, Smapler-v0002 Singapore Edition

Code examples

If you want to play around with this board, it is strongly recommended to start with the code at the SNDlib project here in our server. If you want to check some of the early experiments you can always refer to the Talkoo wiki. The examples will show you how to build instruments playing tones, making small keyboards out of computer keyboards, or making a drum-kit with one second of real sampled sound.


(c) 2009 D. Cuartielles, Smapler-v0002 Singapore Edition

Buy it

So far the only licensed manufacturer and distributor of the Smapler-v0002 is, get it here.


The design is licensed under CC-SA-NC, this means, you are welcome to use the design for your own creations, modify it and share it under the same license. If you want to sell this design you should contact BlushingBoy and discuss a license fee.

Creative Commons License
Smapler-v0002 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Sweden License.
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